Friday, March 11, 2016

TI Swim Camp, day #5

The highlight of the day was the morning swim in Kailua Bay.The exact opposite of yesterday's swim at Hapuna. Great weather, almost no wind, no chop, just a gentle northerly current. After swimming out all you had to do was tread water and end up back on shore. Yesterday I took movies to capture the conditions. Today there was little point to movies; stills convey the same message.

This is what the bay looked like when I arrived this morning. Nothing. Not a blip. Kids were making sand castles on the little beach.

Here is my GPS track. We did stop several times as Coach Bill pointed out special features and sighting targets, such as why there is a coke building. I did the mile loop, the advanced swimmers went a little farther.

This is what I looked like after the swim. One happy camper.

The afternoon session was at the home of one of my fellow campers. A beautiful 25yd. pool on a fabulous property way up on the mountain, just south of Kona proper.

Finally got a pic of the entire group, a little bedraggled after a long day of swimming. 

Coach Celeste second from the right, Coach Bill on the extreme left. Both were great teachers. I feel as though I learned a lot. The proof will be when the seeds planted this week sprout and grow in the coming weeks.

Relaxed head. Lower arms on wider tracks. Spear long and straight. Thrust from the hip. Push body forward rather than pull arm back. High hip, low foot, straight legs, hold and glide. Spend plenty of time on alternate breathing. Wow, so much to work on.

For dinner I ate at a place with a view of the bay. Toasted the end of class with a glass of Fire Rock.

Tomorrow I ride the Hapuna - Hawi loop.

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