Tuesday, March 8, 2016

TI Swim Camp, day #2

Today was all about recovery and how to connect the arm motion with the hip and leg action we worked on yesterday. Fortunately the air was not as cold as Monday, so even though the water was cool we did much better.

Did a neat dry land rehearsal of the recovery action with emphasis on elbow leading hand. My right arm especially tends to throw the hand forward. On the sand it is easier to feel how the descending leg lifts the opposite hip. All rolling action should come from the hip, not the arms and shoulders.

The morning session ended with our second video shoot. After lunch we gathered in the lobby to view day #1 and day #2 video. Astonishing how much better we all have gotten, and we did well at spotting errors. For the remainder of the afternoon we had a choice of a log swim in the bay or drill practice in the lagoon. We all opted for the lagoon, a better choice for integrating all out new skills and sensations.

Looks like we will be swimming at Hapuna Beach on Thursday. Great news for me, as I can get familiar with the layout and sighting objects. Coach Bill has done Honu and should be a gold mine of advice.

After the afternoon session I cleaned up a tad and rode my bike to go shopping. Stopped at the bike shop for co2 and a spare tube, then off to Longs for toilet paper and laundry detergent. As I approached my place I ran into fellow camp attendees sitting on the sea wall to watch the sunset. I sat with them, a pleasant way to end the day.

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