Monday, January 5, 2015

Ben Williams Triathlon Clinic

This morning was the inaugural session of a free monthly triathlon clinic hosted by Honolulu's own Ben Williams at IT&B. A half dozen people awoke well before dawn and braved the sub-sixty degree chill to participate. All survived without frostbite.

The basic idea is to do a bike-run brick. Today's ride was a straightforward route from IT&B along Campbell Ave, up Monsarrat, left on 18th, Kilauea to Aloha gas station, down Kealaolu to Kahala Ave and back over Diamond Head to Kapahulu via Paki. Back at the shop it was a quick transition (well, I was not so quick) and off to run a bit. Afterward Ben shared some good tri tips. Next time we will do something more energetic on the bike.

The sessions will be held on the first Monday of the month. Meet at 5:30 at IT&B, roll out shortly thereafter. Contact Ben via IT&B at 808.732.7227.

My apologies for the fuzzy photo. My phone's camera must have been frozen. But I didn't let it go!