Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TI Swim Camp, day #3

Today was a day of contrasts. The morning swim was at the Kona Community Aquatic Center 25 yd. pool. Calm water perfect for underwater video. Afternoon swim was like Monday in Kailua Bay, only this time the chop was even worse. Local weather was much better than Monday, sunny and warm, only a light breeze, but further up the island chain the winds have been howling. That might explain the chop today. We split into three pods. One group did the full half mile, mine turned around at the fifth swim marker buoy, and a few stayed close to shore. My Garmin Fenix2 only credited me with 574 yds in 17 minutes, even though it felt like an hour.

The contrast went beyond weather. The morning session was about integrating what we have learned so far. The afternoon swim was a reminder that as nice as the new technique may be, when the chips are down and the waves are tossing you around like a sock in a washing machine you always revert back to what you know. As bad as it may be. Same thing like comfort food. The goal is to get the new technique so ingrained that it becomes what you go to in situations like today.

I haven't been taking any pics of class because there isn't time, and I don't want to lose my phone should some goofball snatch my beach bag. On Monday I packed it in the really cool swim buoy we all use for the long swim. Problem is, things inside get cold and the air trapped inside covers stuff with a layer of moisture from condensation. My phone came out damp, although unaffected - inside a Zip-Lock bag! So since then I leave it in my room.

Tonight was laundry night. That or buy a bunch more underwear. As soon as I got the wash going I headed off to ABC for some breakfast bread -- Taro Sweet Bread -- and grabbed some bottles of chocolate milk, my favorite recovery drink. This brand comes with extra protein! With the clothes in the dryer I headed down Ali'i Drive in search of dinner and came across a bazillion people waiting to watch the sunset. Today's lingered for over thirty minutes. Made me think about those old San Miguel commercials that used to play on the radio when I was in college.

When all the chores were done I busted out my birthday gift from Pattie (I know Sonya had a hand in it), an essential oils kit especially for athletes. The brand name is "doTerra." The stuff I tried tonight is "deep blue rub." Works great.

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