Monday, March 7, 2016

TI Swim Camp, day #1

Whew! What a day. Two great sessions, all at the ocean and 90% swimming; I assumed there would be more lectures and films. Two hour morning session on the beach fronting the King Kamehameha Hotel, mostly drills with enough swimming to integrate. I ran my Garmin Fenix2 for kicks and logged 617 yards in 1:40. I was only credited with 13 calories, but I am sure I burned way more trying to keep warm. Water temp and air temp were low 70s and TI drills like superman glide just do not warm you up. We were all chilled to the bone after the first hour. I wore a long sleeved shirt, mostly for sun protection, and changed to my Rip Curl wet suit top for the afternoon session. Several others returned in full wet suits. We survived.

The afternoon began with a long swim. About average for me, 1,900 yards in 0:50 (I have to estimate because I forgot to stop the timer when I finished), for a pace of 2:32. Anything better than 3:00 is good for me. Still a lot of room for improvement.

During the morning we did a hip rotation drill that was really beneficial for me. Laying face down on the sand, practicing the arm - shoulders - hips - feet action that initiates the roll and pull. I am very discombobulated there. I was not the only person struggling with this. In fact, everyone was, just not for the same reason. So, after the long swim we went back to the beach and worked on it some more. I predict we will get that again tomorrow.

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  1. Suggestion...stop timing yourself this week. Just forget about it and enjoy the process. You can resume timing in a few weeks after you get home and have had a chance to practice things more. even cursory attention to better "better" or "worse" with respect to your pacing in open water will distract the part of your brain that needs to focus on process and feeling and flow right now. have fun