Sunday, July 2, 2017

Schedule week of July 3

This week went really well until Saturday morning. It always takes about a mile to find my legs, but this time I felt as though I had no control. I kept going too fast, and sure enough my HR would climb up to tempo range and beyond. Meanwhile, my legs felt stiff and a little sore all over. Not my typical warm up. I was ready to quit and call it a day when I remembered that Thursday morning at strength training we did legs. Dorian did some new things designed to work deep tissue. I did not feel as sore or tired as I have in the past after a leg session, not until I tried to run Saturday. Then I remembered that Wednesday's run had been hard intervals up Diamond Head. And Tuesday's bike workout had been hard intervals up Kilauea. No wonder my legs felt broken!

I decided to keep going, but stop if any real pain showed up. No bad pain, just lots and lots of stiffness and overall soreness. I walked when I had to. My legs finally settled down around 2 1/2 miles in. The really good part was that I had plenty of energy to run the finish hard. This is supposed to be a fast finish run, but since the finish on my course is uphill I get the intensity but not the speed. My HR was touching zone 5 at the end. Funny thing is, it felt good. Confident.

Somewhere during the week I changed Sunday's bike from another two lap Hawaii Kai ride, the one I did last Sunday, for a longer, less intense ride designed to build endurance for the Dick Evans.  I have been totally focused on hill climbing, so I decided it was time for a 50 mile ride to Kailua and back. That went really well. Plenty of energy. All that CTTS training showed. This week I do a bit more of the same sort of thing, getting to where just finishing 112 miles is not a challenge in itself.

The impact of not taking a week off after CTTS is obvious here. This week's planned workload is going to keep pushing that CTL line higher. This is not a bad thing as long as my body holds up. Maybe I should plan a little more rest before Tinman, even though it is just a B race.

Last week

ATP: Transition, no scheduled workouts
Planned: 751.6 TSS
Actual: 674.3

This Week

Week of 7/3
Focus: Tinman, DEMRR
ATP: 700
Planned: 965.3

AM Run, 5mi + 4 strides

Tue (Independence Day)
AM Mini Tri.
Swim 1000 yds @ Ala Moana
Drive to Triangle Park
Bike 20 mi (Hawaii Kai loop)
Run 15 min

AM Run, 7 mi, 3 @ tempo
PM Spin Class

PM Yoga

AM Run, 3mi + 4 strides
PM Swim, OW

Long run, 12 mi

Bike, 60 mi

Next race: Tinman, Jul 23.

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