Sunday, July 16, 2017

Schedule week of July 17

I mentioned last week that I had decided to rearrange my priorities, and my schedule. This week we see the first real evidence of that. I changed my original Saturday 12 mile long run to a swim + run brick, which means shortening the run. Pattie and I drive to Ala Moana, meet whoever else is joining us, swim at 7:00, and by 8:00 I am running home through Waikiki. I love it, except for dodging people along Kalakaua. Anyone who runs in a big city knows what I mean, only they don't have Waikiki Beach to sweeten the deal.

I have Tinman as a "B" race, which is why TrainingPeaks calls this week Build 2 week 1 instead of Race. The periodization is relative to the "A" races, in this case, Dick Evans. Here is the progression, starting from last week:

Week of
7/3 - Build 1 week 1
7/10 - Build 1 week 2
7/17 - Build 2 week 1 <- we are here
7/24 - Build 2 week 2
7/31 - Build 2 week 4
8/7 - Build 2 week 1
8/14 - Peak week 1
8/21 - Race
8/28 - Transition

Young, fit athletes can do a four week cycle, three hard, one reduced volume. Older guys use a three week cycle, two hard, one reduced volume. Working with schedules is easier if week four is always a reduced volume week, so us three week folks eliminate week three.

Tinman came at an awkward time, so I manually edited the ATP to come up with this progression. That explains how we have a Build week with only 530 TSS planned -- it is a partial taper week. Not perfect, but nothing ever is.

Last week

ATP: 700 TSS
Planned: 635.8
Actual: 741.3

This Week

Week of 7/17 - Build 2 week 1
Focus: Tinman, DEMRR
ATP: 530 TSS
Planned: 463.7

AM Work schedule conflict

AM Work schedule conflict
PM Bike, Portlock Loop

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, spin class

PM Yoga

AM Swim, pool

Swim, OW + bike Waikiki to home

Race, Tinman

Next race: 6 weeks to DEMRR

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