Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cycle to the Sun and schedule for week of Jun 26

This was supposed to be a race report on my "race" up Haleakala. Well, sometimes life gets in the way. Often we can make a small adjustment and stay on track, but every once in awhile life deals a tougher hand, a situation that requires a complete change of course.

Pattie and I made it to Maui just fine. We had a small glitch getting into our vacation rental. No instructions. I assumed someone would meet us. Nobody around. I finally tried the front door. It was unlocked. Keys on the little table along with some instructions. A hold-over of those fruit stands we rode past on Frank Smith's Hana rides, no attendant, just the honor system. I guess that's Maui.

We awoke early to a call from Pattie's sister Lynne. Their 95 year old mom was in the hospital with an infection. Sepsis. It sounded serious, very possibly an end of life situation. I decided that the only course of action was to withdraw and get back to Oahu as soon as possible. I dropped off my number with the race director first thing Friday morning in case there was someone nearby on the waitlist. The race director, Donnie Arnoult, was nice enough to roll over my application fee, so I can do the race next year for free.

We didn't fly until the afternoon so we drove most of the CTTS course. It goes up, and up, and up. Just like Pineapple Hill and Tantalus, only forever. I recorded our drive on my Garmin 935, then stripped out everything except altitude and speed. The gap is where we missed a turn and had to double back - I cut that part out. The speed is car speed. I left in in to give an impression of the switchbacks. More like Tantalus than Pineapple Hill. We did not go all the way to the top, and yes, I forgot to stop my Garmin where we turned around. But you get the idea.

As I write this Sunday afternoon there is a glimmer of good news. Mom's white blood cell count has gone down, from very high to just high, so maybe the intravenous antibiotics are working. All we can do is wait.

You know that life gets in the way thing? Get this. With all the stress, Pattie has come down with a cold. She cannot enter the ward to visit her mom. Really!

Since I did not do the race I reverted to a typical weekend schedule. Did my long run Saturday and a solid bike this morning. Back on the P3 to get ready for Tinman.

That low point on the 7 day chart is Friday. My CTL ended up at 83.3, right about where I planned. The increase is from Saturday's run and today's bike. I wonder how much of a spike CTTS would have made.

TrainingPeaks automatically plots the A races on this summary PMC. You can see where I planned some recovery that matches the computed (suggested) amount, but after that, heading to DEMRR, the lines don't track. That is because I have not filled in all of my workouts. I need to get to that, soon.

Last week

ATP: 450 TSS (This does not include the race)
Planned: 808.6 (This does include my estimate for the race, a wild guess!)
Actual: 669.4

This Week

Week of 6/26
Focus: Tinman, DEMRR
ATP: Transition, no planned workouts, do whatever
(Actually this is not Transition because I did not race. More like a Build 1 week.)
Planned: 385

AM Run, 3mi + 4 strides

AM OPTIONAL Swim, pool

AM Run, 5 mi, 6 x 1' hills (Diamond Head)

PM Yoga

AM Run, 3mi + 4 strides

Long run, 9 mi fast finish

Bike, Hawaii Kai HBH loop, 2x

Next race: Tinman, Jul 23.

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