Sunday, July 16, 2017

Schedule week of July 10

Nothing knocks you out of your routine more than a national holiday coming mid-week. That is exactly what happened this week, with July 4th falling on Tuesday. Most of my co-workers took Monday off, as did I. And, I made good use of the time.

I want to get back to my upstairs bathroom renovation. The room has become a storage area, and the guest of honor has been my sitar, the one I bought back in 1968 in San Francisco for all of $140. A genuine Hiren Roy. The real deal. (Back then the exchange rate was really off balance, so my $140 -- including shipment -- was probably the equivalent of a six months wages in rupee.)  At some point during its lengthy stay at East West Center it had a little Humpty Dumpty accident, quite common for sitars. Work in the bathroom could not continue until the sitar was taken care of, so I took to UPS and had it shipped to the best Indian instrument repairman on the West Coast, Scott Hackleman. It cost A LOT MORE that $140 to ship. But it's family, selected for me by my teacher, Nikhil Banerjee. Something to look forward to when I retire.

My family does not do much on July 4th, no matter what day of the week it falls on. This is the result of several gallant attempts to take the kids to watch fireworks shows put on at venues such as Ala Moana Beach Park, only to narrowly escape being blown to bits by illegal fireworks in the hands of frenzied children, and trapped in gridlock traffic for hours. No, thank you.

Besides having no special plans, I was absolutely sure the morning would be totally free, a perfect opportunity to do a mini-tri. For those of you lacking triathlon experience, a mini-tri involves doing all three activities -- swim, bike, run -- in a manner that simulates a race only with shorter distances or lower intensity. It is all about transitions. Not only clothing changes, but changes in muscle sensing and activation. My plan was to get up early, throw the bike and running gear in the back of the Outback, drive to Sans Souci Beach Park and swim 1,000 yards, drive back to Triangle Park, ride the Tinman route, then run for 15 min. What happened was, I woke up, slept a bit more, then decided that I was too tired to do any of that. So much for dedication.

Sunday's long ride was cut short by a failed CO2 dispenser. I flatted in Kailua doing Olomana Loops (see first pic), no big deal until I went to inflate the replacement tube. All the gas came spewing out of the dispenser, as though the valve was stuck open. I worked it over and over, it felt OK. On long rides I carry two tubes and two cartridges, so I had one more chance. Same result. I had to take the bus home.

I have been doing an intensive about of running these past three months, with the usual goal of getting faster. Well, the program I was following was only piling on mileage and doing nothing to improve pace, so I have given that up and am in the process of rearranging things. More to follow.

The reason my CTL line is so much higher than my annual training plan is due to the extra running. No that I am changing course it appears to be falling too low. Be patient, I have not finished planning the way to DEMRR.

Last week

ATP: 700 TSS
Planned: 657.9
Actual: 779.5

This Week

Week of 7/10 - Build 1 week 2
Focus: Tinman, DEMRR
ATP: 700
Planned: 635.8

AM Run, 5mi + 4 strides

Tue (Independence Day)
AM Bike, Portlock Loop
PM Swim, OW

AM Run, 6 mi, 8 x 1' hills, jog down recovery
PM Spin Class

PM Yoga

AM Run, 3mi + 4 strides
PM Swim, OW

Swim OW + run home 7 mi.

Bike, 50 mi Kailua Lp.

Next race: Tinman, Jul 23.

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