Sunday, June 4, 2017

Schedule week of June 5

I have been very lucky this training cycle, good weather and good health allowed me to stay right on schedule. Alas, last week it fell apart. I had a great bike workout Tuesday morning, but when I got to the office I felt as though a bus has rolled over me. Immense fatigue, as if I had been walking non-stop all day. No fever, no runny nose. I didn't feel sick, so I assumed I had been training too hard. I ended up taking the rest of the week off. Lots of bed rest. My stomach was tender so I had to watch what I ate and only small portions. Eventually I decided it must be some kind of virus.

By Saturday I was well enough to attempt a ten mile run. Did it, a bit slower than normal. That afternoon after sitting on floor in a air conditioned room for five hours I ended up chilled so deep I was shivering uncontrollably for more than an hour.

This week begins Peak period -- also known as taper. The way I wrote my plan I have Peak week 1 and 2, then Race week. TrainingPeaks always starts weeks on Monday, so CTTS comes at the end of race week. So now we have 2 weeks until start of race week. Confused?

One way to look at this is I started Peak a week early. I must avoid the temptation to squeeze in every possible workout to make up for the lost time. The only significant loss was today's long Tantalus ride. I changed Tuesday's hill work to include a better high intensity workout, one that should produce a good muscle response without as much fatigue. I left Sunday open. The idea is to do a lap of Tantalus and see how I feel. I should be able to do two, the only question is whether or not I feel like doing three.

Sunday after is Father's Day. I penciled in a Pineapple Hill ride, focused more or endurance than intensity, but I need to work it out with Pattie. Sometimes Tantalus is a bit too steep.

My weekly CTS scores show a dramatic drop in training. No surprise here. The good news is that as long as I stick to my plan I will hit my goal for CTTS.

Last week

ATP: 760 TSS

The planned and actuals for last week have little meaning due to my illness. Tuesday morning I got in my last good ride, and Saturday morning I did a ten mile run.

Actual: 363.2

This Week

Week of 6/5 - Peak week 1
Focus: CTTS
ATP: 530 TSS
Planned: 536.4

AM Run, 4mi + 4 strides

AM Bike, hill cruise intervals
PM Swim, OW

AM Run, Tempo Intervals
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga

AM Run, 3mi + 4 strides

AM Long run, 10 mi

Tantalus 3x

Next race: 2 weeks until CTTS.

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