Sunday, June 11, 2017

Schedule week of June 12

Managed to put in a good week of training. Wednesday's run workout was long and hard, and Saturday's run took a lot out of me. Enough that I shortened Sunday's planned ride.

For this week I need to back off a bit more, especially the running. Last week's TSS from the Annual Training Plan was 530; I did 773, but had I done everything as planned it would have been 959. Okay, so maybe I am getting it just right. Anyway, I am going to replace the Saturday long run (11mi, 220 TSS) with an old favorite, Kahala - Diamond Head Lookout (5mi, 110 TSS). That should give me better legs for whatever I decide to do Sunday.

My CTL is tracking nicely. Still above the ATP but following the plan profile. Higher is better as long as the body does not start breaking down. Let's take last week's "thing" as a hint.

Last week

ATP: 530 TSS
Actual: 773

This Week

Week of 6/12 - Peak week 2
Focus: CTTS
ATP: 530 TSS
Planned: 587.5

AM Run, 4mi + 4 strides

AM Bike, hill cruise intervals
PM Swim, OW

AM Run, 5K Intervals
PM Bike, spin class

PM Yoga (or not)

AM Run, 3mi + 4 strides

AM Long run, 5 mi

Tantalus 1x

Next race: 1 week until CTTS.

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