Saturday, May 13, 2017

Honolulu Triathlon race plan 2017

My goal for this race is to have a decent swim and bike, and a great run. In years past I have faded on the run, a combination of going too hard early and insufficient nutrition. For the swim and bike I am less interested in speed than smoothness and consistency, to set up the run.

My approach to nutrition is very different this year. In the past I would drink one bottle of Perpetuem on the bike, supplemented with one pack of chews washed down with plain water in a second bottle. I carried Perpetuem in my run belt, supplemented with water from the aid stations. This year I will push more fuel intake on the bike and only take a little water on the run. On the bike I will have two bottles of Perpetuem, plus a short bottle of plain water behind the saddle. I will have two Bonk Breaker bars in my bento box. I will eat the first bar as soon as I am settled, and the second just before or after the turn-around at the airport, depending on how I feel. The idea is to eat while I am not maxed out and to allow enough time for the bars to digest before the run.

Power on the bike will be zone 2 for the first five miles, then ease up into low zone 3 until Lagoon Drive. On Lagoon Drive start to push, high zone 3, occasional low 4. Do not fight headwinds. At Piikoi back off to zone 2 and spin well to get legs ready to run.

The key to run will be to limit myself to a 16:30 pace for the first couple miles, and only then let it go up to 15:30. I will not walk the aid stations unless I am feeling extremely dehydrated. Use the water more to cool off than drink.

My time estimates

Swim - 0:45
T1 - 0:05
Bike - 1:26
T2 - 0:04
Run - 1:36
Total - 3:56

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