Monday, March 6, 2017

Schedule week of Mar 6

Last week was a run week and having recovered from GAR I managed to get in a lot of good running, about 20 miles. Tuesday afternoon swim and Wednesday afternoon spin class were victims of the rain that fell most of this week. I was lucky to anything done.

Pattie had a race on Sunday I so I did my Friday afternoon swim alone. Used my swim buoy. Managed to go a bit longer than usual, over a 1,000 yards. Felt nice and strong. Water was fine in spite of the rain. I heard it was bad on the north shore.

I had to cut Saturday's run short to have time to do packet pick-up for Pattie's 10k and attend a board meeting, but the run felt great. Felt as though I could run all day. Light wind from the south west, weird running home with a headwind. Not too hot but very humid. Took a few salt tabs.

I managed to get in a bike workout Sunday afternoon. Not exactly as planned, but similar. Plan called for a nice long warm up followed by 2 x 25 min sweet spot intervals. I have done these the last few times on Tantalus, a good preparation for CTTS, not so good for holding power on the flat at a fast cadence. On Sunday the morning rain probably covered Tantalus with mud and debris, and even in the afternoon the sky was dark and threatening, so I opted to go east and do some hill repeats in Portlock. Managed 5 x 4 min often getting above the original target zone, and after five times up that hill I was pretty tired. Cruised up Lunalilo Home Road, turned off just past the fire station and rode the long, smooth loop Kapaia St - Kukuiula Lp. Held a brisk high zone 2 pace all the way home.

On Sunday I spotted a dumb thing on my training plan. Typical of an inexperienced self-coached athlete, but I take the fact that I caught it as a good thing. I scheduled Sunday's workout as a bike-run brick. Yes. I thought I should do a 30 min run off the bike, the first twenty at tempo. After a two hour, very hard, above tempo ride? I do need to do more bike-run bricks to prepare for the Honolulu Triathlon, but not after a killer bike ride. That is just an invitation for an injury.

ATP: 620 TSS
Planned: 656.4
Actual: 579.2

This Week

Week of 3/6 - Base 3 Week 2

Focus: Bike, switch to tri bike.

ATP: 700 (a new high)
Planned: 722.9

AM Rest
PM Strength with Dorian

AM Bike, Portlock loop.
PM Swim, OW

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga workshop with Kofi Busia

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, max aerobic intervals 3 x 5 min

AM Run, 10 mi (<3hr, 17:30 pace)
PM Optional yoga workshop

Bike, sweet spot criss cross intervals (Ford Island)

Next race: 5 weeks, Hapalua
15 weeks until CTTS.

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