Monday, February 20, 2017

GAR and week of Feb 20

Last week emphasised the bike. I did manage to squeeze in a few extra miles. I did the sweet spot interval ride on Tantalus. Worked perfectly except my detailed workout plan got the intensity too low. Not sure what I was supposed to do but I ended up averaging 149 watts on both intervals, target range was 148-160 so I squeaked in there. Treated myself to a relaxed breakfast at Honolulu Coffee Company on my way home. Oh, that's my new Garmin Edge 520 there. That will be a much better match with the WKO4 software I use. My Edge 800 was just too old.

My goal for the Great Aloha Run was to run at a more aggressive pace. My long runs are by design slow, as are my recovery runs, and my quality runs are by design short duration. I decided to use GAR as an opportunity to feel a sustained faster pace, with HR in the high zone 3 and even low zone 4. My stretch goal was to finish under two hours, which would be a new PR, but with the way I have been running I knew I would need a special day to pull that off.

I was right. My legs would not sustain that kind of pace throughout the race, so I ended up with a 2:10:52 (my time, not official). But I did run rather well for much of the flat part. I was sustaining an HR of 150, which is too high, my lower zone 5. For the race I averaged 144, the bottom of zone 4.

Over the next six weeks I want to do a lot more hill work, as that combined with the weekly long slow run is what works best for getting me faster and increasing muscular endurance.

ATP: 620 TSS
Planned: 295.5
Actual: 412.1

This Week

Week of 2/20 - Base 2 Week 4
GAR on Monday

Focus: R&R

ATP: 450
Planned: 737.2
The excess is due to the race is on Monday, not the usual way to begin an R&R week. Without the race it would be 491.5.

AM Race, Great Aloha Run

AM Rest
PM Bike, recovery

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga with Elaine

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, hills OR swim, OW

AM Run, 9 mi (2:30)

AM Bike, 2:00 Sweet Spot intervals 3x15 @ 148-160

Next race: 6 weeks, Hapalua
18 weeks until CTTS.

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