Sunday, February 5, 2017

Schedule week of Feb 6

This was an R&R week anyway, but it got a little extra R from the chilly weather. No swimming at all this week. On balance it was a hard week in the gym. As it turns out my TSS points for the week were spot on.

I decided to do the long bike on the windward side for a change of scenery. I chose a route that began at Waihee Road, near the Hygienic Store, and went a little past Kualoa Ranch to Kaaawa.  I thought it would make a good TT course, but it doesn't. Too many traffic issues to really let go and ride a steady fast pace for fortyfive minutes straight. That is why my average fell short of goal. Especially on the outbound leg, when I had a strong tailwind. It is OK to do this a little over/under, but I was too much under and not enough over. I think it would have gone better at Ford Island.

I thought about comparing this week's long bike ride with last week's but the rides were so different that comparison would not be useful. What might be useful is to examine power and heart rate. Last week I reported a high HR for fast cruise power. If we only look at the single interval that was supposed to be in power zone 3 we see something similar:

Avg Power 120 watts, upper zone 2 (94 - 128)

Avg HR 129 BPS, lower zone 3 (127-132)

Not sure how significant this is.

Last week was R&R

ATP: 450 TSS
Planned: 446.9
Actual: 450.9

This Week

Week of 2/6 - Base 2 Week 1
Slight move away from aerobic endurance to include more strength

Focus: Run

ATP: 530
Planned: 528

AM Off
PM Strength with Dorian

AM Run, hill cruise intervals
PM Swim OW

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga with Elaine

AM Swim, pool
PM Off

AM Run, base, 12 mi.

AM Bike, 1:30 Sweet Spot intervals 1x15 @ 148-160

Next race: Great Aloha Run in 2 weeks. Minimal taper.
19 weeks until CTTS.

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