Sunday, April 30, 2017

Schedule week of May 1

Last week was a strange week. Started well, but didn't end so well. Hopefully this week will be smoother.

My Monday run and strength training went well. My Tuesday morning swim was marred by a stronger than usual tendency to turn left, enough to cause me to reach out for help from some swim coaches I known on the mainland. Both offered a video analysis; so far I have not connected with someone to shoot video and static shots just don't show enough. I made that a goal for this week.

Tuesday was a post-race massage for me a Pattie. Late, but soonest possible. I wanted Samantha to get deep into my left thigh. I knew this would set me back a bit, but I would be better for it. She did, and the pain lasted until Friday.

Due to the Haleiwa Metric Century Ride I moved my Saturday long run to Friday, which meant taking the day off from work. Not a bad thing, because I usually fail to take as much time off as I am supposed to and end up with a year-end crunch that wastes some of those hours.

New shoes! Gravity 6.

Jason had me down to do a ten mile long run at a 14:30 - 15:30 pace. I usually do it at a 17:30 pace, but my goal is to run faster, so staying at 17:30 would not help achieve that goal. Going from 17:30 to 15:30 is a big step and I knew it would be hard, but I was determined to try my best. My run went splendidly until mile 6, when I sort of hit the wall. The last four miles were more of a walk. I didn't even bother to log them, but I did complete the distance. I asked Jason how to approach this week's run.

Saturday morning was supposed to be an easy swim with Pattie and Linda, more recreation than workout. The sky was dark and threatening, the wind was howling, and there was a brown water alert due to heavy overnight rain. Linda canceled. Pattie and I went to Ala Moana, surveyed the situation, and decided that with the century ride coming the next day we did not need the aggravation, so we bailed, too, and went to breakfast.

The weather report called for heavy rain Sunday, and for once they called it right. The only time the rain stopped was when we arrived. Thinking that the worst was past and the temperature would soon rise from a frigid pre-dawn 60F I decided not to wear my nice, warm GORE-TEX jacket and instead use my lighter weight Pearl Izumi jacket. I used to wear the GORE-TEX jacket when I commuted, but always had to take it off by the time I got to Makiki because it was too warm.

Wrong. It started raining just before the start, and never stopped. I was soaked, and chilled to the bone. Halfway back from the first turn-around at Camp Erdman I decided to continue would be folly. Besides, Pattie had texted me that she and her friend Sharleen were not even going to start and were hunkered down in the back of our Outback. One more reason to call the day short. As it turned out a lot of other riders made the same call, and some of my best friends didn't even start. I wonder if anyone rode the full course? I, and a lot of others, did less that 20 miles. By the way, very cool that my Forerunner 520 displays incoming texts. I got Pattie;s message without taking out my phone!

My original plan for this week moved my Monday run to Tuesday to allow for some recovery, but since I did not ride much today I moved it back to Monday. I would like to add in another bike workout, but the weather report still calls for heavy rain so that might not be possible. I will have to play it by ear.

Last week's Ramp Report. Friday's run made a nice bump in my CTL, but it should have been a lot higher. The earlier bump was from my morning run combined with my afternoon warm-up run before strength training. I was running well that day!

Summary plan vs. actual, following the plan profile but a bit low in intensity.

Last week

ATP: 450 TSS
Planned: 721.1
Actual: 406.5

This Week

Week of 5/1 - Build 2 week 1
Focus: Increase bike intensity, swim distance, swim straight
ATP: 700 TSS
Planned: 855.3

AM Run, 3mi + strides
PM Strength with Dorian

Tue (might swap order)
AM Swim, OW 1800yds
PM Bike 

AM Run, 6mi, ramp to tempo
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga

AM Run, 3mi + strides
PM Swim, OW 1800yds

AM Long run, 11mi. (details TBD)

Bike, Tantalus 2x (20mi)

Next race: 1 week to Honolulu Triathlon
7 weeks until CTTS.

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