Sunday, April 16, 2017

Schedule week of Apr 17

Last week and this week present the types of time conflict challenges that can threaten even the most detailed training plan. There is a saying amongst endurance athletes, stated in various ways but, basically, "When life gets in the way."

Last weekend was the Hapalua Half Marathon, and even though I had it listed as a "B" race it required some taper and recovery, along with a focus on running workouts over the preceding weeks. From here going forward my primary focus is on the bike, with a strong secondary focus on long distance swimming. Well, long for me, at least. Even so, I want to retain as much as possible of the running form I developed, so I made the bulk of my recovery this last week short, low intensity runs. Naturally the Monday run was greeted with a great deal of complaint, but with each passing day the pain subsided.

According to my ATP this was supposed to be the start of the build phase working towards CTTS, but our spring gamelan concert fell on Saturday. As a work-around I took Friday off and planned to do a 40 mile ride. But along comes life again, this time the annual income tax deadline. I decided that morning that I really should make finishing the tax return a priority, and that along with rain nixed the long bike. I did manage a shorter ride Saturday. Had to be short to save energy for the concert, and besides, call was noon.

I woke up Sunday (today) very tired. For a solid thirty minutes I felt that any workout would be ill advised, an invitation to getting sick. Oh, and here comes life again, a party over in Kailua starting at noon. I think it is an Easter Lost Souls party. Anyway, Pattie and I really want to go, and I don't want to fall asleep after lunch, so I did my planned bike ride, plus a little more intense hill work, and skipped the planned run.

But wait, I am not back on track yet. This week my work involves a potentially disruptive series of events. There is one event Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by another event Thursday and Friday. I will not know until Monday the extent of my involvement with the first event. I know I will be involved with the second event, but the program has not been announced so I cannot plan my mornings and afternoons. This will have to be a make it up as you go along week. I have made a plan, I just can't count on sticking to it. Better still I should try to add to what I have planned, because I have is insufficient. Sunday's bike workout provides an opportunity to make up any shortfall.

On the equipment side I have decided to forego my old, standard 52/39 crankset for a compact setup, 50/34. This means replacing the entire crankset, as my Dura-Ace 7800 has the older, larger bolt pattern, too big for such small chainrings. (Gee, we're taking Lance Armstrong era, talk about vintage!) I ordered a Dura-Ace 9000, passed on new 9100 because it moves the chain line out a bit to accommodate short chainstays and disk brakes, and I don't want to hassle with second order effects caused by that.

Today's ramp rate chart shows the recovery:

Another simple chart I should add here is a CTS chart showing ATP plan vs. actual. You can see how I am falling behind. But you cannot just pile on more work to catch up. Doing so is a sure way to get injured.

Here is the real PMC in all its glory. Again, notice the dip going into this weekend. Really need to get something in mid-week. 

Last but not least, my Power-Duration chart from WKO4. This is bike only, past 90 days. Interesting how this week's efforts extended the curve at the right end (long duration) while lowering the curve at the 15 sec. point (where the vertical line is). That should smooth out in the coming weeks as hill climb intensity increases.

Last week

ATP: 450 TSS
Planned: 435.4
Actual: 312.3

This Week

Week of 4/17 - Build 1 week 2
Focus: Bike
ATP: 700 TSS
Planned: 648.6

AM Bike, extensive endurance
PM Strength with Dorian

AM hold
PM Swim, OW

Wed (box jellies)
AM hold
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga

Bike, max aerobic intervals (do not run after)

AM Swim, OW, run, tempo 2 x 3/4 mi.
(If no gamelan could add something here)

Bike, intervals @ Ford Island.

Next race: 1 week, Haleiwa Metric Century, 3 weeks to Honolulu Triathlon
9 weeks until CTTS.

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