Sunday, January 22, 2017

Schedule week of Jan 23

During my Honu training I started sharing my weekly schedule with Pattie by mail, then added Sonya and Dorian and anyone else affected by my training. I just started doing this again for the 2017 when I realized that it would be better as a blog post. So here it is, the third one in the new season.

The week began great but ended in disruption due to wind, rain, and a broken water main. The good news is that what was billed as a Friday morning team building walk for the office gang turned into an all out trail run/walk that pushed me hard. During most of it I kept reminding myself I was scheduled to do my first tempo run interval set of the season on Saturday. Funny how it is that when you are in a group you want to keep up even when they are on average 30 younger. Later that day I realized I should count the morning hill run as my hard run effort, even though I did not get to establish a tempo baseline. That freed up Saturday morning for the annual Chinatown new year's visit, which I had planned to miss, so that was good.

Saturday afternoon was a total loss. Stuck in traffic due to a broken water main. Left gamelan rehearsal at 4:00PM and got as far as Kahala Mall (2 miles?) by 7:00PM. Had dinner there with Mike, then finally made it home. Howling winds and driving rain. I actually was sitting in Kahala at 5:00PM with the car heater on! Frigid 67F outside!

Sunday was supposed to start with a tempo bike ride up along the northeast coast, Waihee Road past Hygienic Store up past Kualoa Beach Park, an hour and a half with the middle 30 min at tempo. I am alternating my effort week by week and this was a run week, so the Saturday interval run had priority. This was "do the best you can." Between the 50 m.p.h. wind gusts and the driving rain, the best I could do was stay home and clean the kitchen. That was good. For those of you tracking the bathroom renovation, I did not get to that because to start I would have to go shopping, and with the traffic from the still messed up road I would have spent the rest of the day getting back home.

The other glaring oddity for the week was zero data for spin class. That is because Dorian noticed that my position on my road bike was not as good as my tri bike. So we spent Wednesday's spin class swapping out stems and adjusting things. Friday afternoon was supposed to be an easy test ride but the rain nixed that, and I already mentioned what happened to today's planned ride. So I actually spent zero time on the bike. Weird.

I am just getting started with WKO4, the advanced workout analysis and modeling software from the same guys that do TrainingPeaks. In my last report -- pre blog -- I reported the upper right block displaying 

5 sec 486 watts
1 min 264 watts
5 min 193 watts
20 min 181 watts
60 min 132 watts

That has not changed, probably because I did not do anything "better." What did change was 60 min Normalized Power (average power adjusted for variations), was 144 watts, now 140. As a rule, less is not good. Not sure what else to track here.

This year I am tracking workouts by TSS instead of duration. I covered this is a previous blog.

ATP means Annual Training Plan, as created using TrainingPeaks. Every week has a recommended TSS target. It is up to me to distribute that between various activities and the details of the training.

Last week
Focus was run

ATP: 530 TSS
Planned: 371.1
Actual: 308 run: 209.1 bike: 0

Week of 1/23 - Base 1 Week 2
Focus on bike

ATP: 590
Planned: 578.7

Note here, to go from 308 to 578 is a rather steep ramp rate. I may need an adjustment latter in the week, might drop Friday's hill work.

AM Bike, make up Sunday's Tempo ride. Ford Island
PM Strength with Dorian

AM Run, base building, 3 mi.
PM Swim OW

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, spin class

AM Strength with Dorian
PM Yoga with Elaine

AM Swim, pool
PM Bike, moderate hills

AM Run, tempo intervals 4x0.5 mi. 8 mi total
PM HBL annual dinner

AM Bike, Sharon's Ride. Do 30 min at Tempo, 135 watts

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