Monday, August 4, 2014

Random thoughts

They seriously have to make this blogging thing more idiot proof.  Is there perhaps an old persons version?  Kind of like that cell phone for old folks that have the really big buttons and call only certain numbers?

As I plogged along this morning, I realized that unlike many of the people I started training with for the Tinman triathlon some 10 years ago, I have not aspired to do a half ironman or even thought about an ironman.  My only thought while I was in the midst of my first Tinman was that the next time I have a midlife crisis, I'm getting that red sports car.  I was obviously not listening to my inner Maxine.  I never got the red sports car but did get a titanium bicycle.

Until last year, I managed to cut my tri efforts to the Na Wahine swim and spin which made me soooo happy since I despise running.  Then it, I was selected as a  YMX ambassador.  Looking at all the other athletic women selected, I figured I better up my game.  I signed up for the full Na Wahine sprint.  I started running.....or in my case plogging.  A whole year has gone by, I'm still plogging grouchily along and signed up for the Na Wahine sprint.  I will spend the next few weeks wondering what I was thinking.

Unlike Gary, I do not have training charts.  I have guilt which tells me I should swim at Queen surf, I need to go up Montsarrat on my bike and worst of all I need to keep plogging.  All things I dislike.  I'm always sure I will be eaten by something while I swim and I consider queen surf open deep water. There are not enough gears to make it worth going uphill on a bicycle and I seriously walk faster then I plog.  So why do I do it?

It has become a habit.  The best way to conquer my fear of swimming at queen surf is just to put my head down and swim.  The best way for me to go uphill on my bicycle is to go up nice and easy and not stress about all those hard bodies racing by me.  I plog slow and sure and hope I make it to the finish before the guys come by to take the cones away.  Best of all, if I can get through a Na Wahine so can any other woman.  I don't worry about being last anymore.  I finished and that is more then a lot of 60+ year old women can say.

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