Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm blogging!

Soooo....I think my attempts to just get set up to be a co-author on this page sums up the difference between Gary and I.  I am technologically challenged.  In an era where everyone and everything is digitally connected, I am barely hanging on.

This also is the difference between how Gary and I train for triathlons.  Gary has his Garmin programmed, connected to his lap top with charts and training programs.  I have a garmin that Gary programmed for me and it takes me at least 5 minutes to figure out how to switch it to the right screen.  Invariably something will not read right and the more I fiddle with it the worse it gets.

I did look at a training chart once but couldn't quite figure out how to follow it then forgot my password to get back in to the site.  The whole thing is way too confusing so I have adopted the Pattie training method.  I do the thing I hate the most everyday which is run(plog in my case).  I swim the course just so I don't panic in the swim and ride the bike course so I don't embarrass myself  by collapsing half way up a hill.   I throw in abuse by my yoga teacher so I retain a smidgen of flexibility and the tyranny of my spin coach so I can actually ride a little more efficiency on the bike.  Just so I spread the fun around Sonya kneads all those supposed muscles I've developed back into working order.  Training plan done.

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